The Highest Benefits

Our capabilities are ideally suited to specific types of companies that can gain the most from our expertise :

• Medium and small off-shore companies sourcing from India. We particularly welcome enquiries from boutique malls and small retail chains for relatively
less-known items.

• Small and medium Indian companies wishing to locate off-shore buyers for their products.

• Companies that have decided in-principle to offshore operations and wish to move to the next step.We do not charge anywhere near the rates of major consultancies; even if you decide not to progress the offshoring proposal, the outflow will not dent your pocket.

• Multi-national companies with operations in India that would like to accelerate in-country outsourcing.

• Indian companies that want to increase savings by outsourcing to high-quality, in-country suppliers.

• Companies that wish to reduce costs by establishing best-in-class vendor management practices.

• Medium and large companies keen to get the best talent available in India. Our associates have among the largest network of industry contacts and a senior management database of proven efficiency built over ten years. Few can match the depth of our Search-driven approach.