Our Service Portfolio

We have three distinct lines of business – Commodity Sourcing Facilitation, IT/IS Advisory Services and Talent Search.

Commodity Sourcing Facilitation

With an extensive network of sourcing associates in selected product lines, we help you with the following services :

• Locate domestic and international buyers & sellers for products you are interested in

• Identify Indian suppliers for specific material international buyers are interested in

• Integrate service-providers' operations with your internal processes

• Establish robust process management systems – either for your supplier's service delivery or your own.

Be it petroleum products, agricultural products, minerals or fish maws; we will scour the market to identify the most cost-effective partners for you.

If you are a small or medium company trying to reach your produce to a wider audience, please try us.

With established associates in many countries we can cast a wide net to find prospective buyers or sellers for products you are interested in.

Once you successfully complete your own due-diligence on the agency we identify, you will be set to establish a lasting relationship.


IT / IS Services

India's phenomenal Information Technology capabilities stretch well beyond a few companies that make it into the news. We will find you cost-effective developers and maintenance teams without the cost overheads of big brands. We can :

• Identify mid-sized service-providers offering the best trade-off between your cost and service-level expectations.

• Define and implement effective world-class control systems and monitoring processes for off-shore development and support.

• Independently review and report capabilities and progress relative to plans.

• Help you set up an offshore facility in India – including identification of an appropriate site, paperwork, recruitment and operating processes.

• Reduce the operating costs of existing companies by analysing their expenditure patterns and identifying alternative suppliers or process alignment.


Talent Search

We can identify the best personnel for you in a wide variety of domains, either to complement your offshoring plans or as a stand-alone service.

This Executive Search service is brought to you in exclusive association with one of the best-known companies in India, affiliated to an internationally respected group present in major cities in every continent.